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Soal Post Test TBI Gerund and to Infinitive

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1. Economists are meticulously attempting ... what causes the depreciation of Indonesian currency.

2. It is a mistake .... any exercise as a final preparation for the match.

3. The acids, salts, and vitamins that fruits furnish are very helpful ... a balanced and healthful diet.

4. Not all people can afford ... in abig city like New York.

5. “What are you planning to do with all these paintings?”
“... them in the cultural centre next month.”

6. Have you considered ... (move) to an apartment closer to your office?

7. Would you mind ...( tell ) me exactly what the problem is?

8. Three men escaped from the jail this morning by ... (climb ) a wall.

9. Your hand writing is so difficult ... (read).

10. "It’s very hot here; the air condition is not working."
"I think it only needs ... (clean)

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