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Soal Pre Test TBI Pronouns

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1. Does _____ let _____ go?

2. Please tell _____ that _____ will be late.

3. _____ love Monday. Does _____ love it too?

4. Danny is my best friend. I know _____ so well.

5. The mechanic is my sister. So don’t disturb _____.

6. I meet Raisa last night and _____ signed _____ t-shirt.

7. I can’t find _____. Does _____ steal it?

8. My father has a dog. _____ likes play with _____.

9. When my boss promoted me, _____ was so proud and _____ gave me so many advices.

10. My brother works in a big factory. _____ says that _____ is a nice place.

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