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<strong>The Mary Celeste is a mystery ship. Something unexpected happened to it, and to this day, no one is sure of the fate of the ship and its passengers.
Here is what little is known about the events leading up to the discovery of the empty ship. The Mary Celeste was found abandoned in the mid-Atlanic in 1872. On December 4, 1872, the Mary Celeste was spotted by the British ship Dai Gratia The Mary Celeste looked strange because the sails were not fully set and no crew members could be seen Crew members of the
Dai Gratia immediately took a boat over to the Mary Celeste They identified the ship as the Mary Celeste, which had left New York on November 7 with a full load and ten people on board.</strong>

<strong>The situation on the Mary Celeste was quite mysterious. No one was on the ship; the ship had simply been left in the middle of the ocean. No obvious reason why the ship had been abandoned could be seen. There were plenty of supplies, the complete cargo was still on board, the crew's belongings were there, and there was no sign of violence disaster. However, one of the longboats and the captain's navigational instruments were missing.
From the strange situation on the ship, a conclusion was drawn about the fate of ship. The belief was that, for some unknown reason, the captain along with his wife, his young daughter, and the seven crew members, had decided to abandon the ship in the middle of the .</strong>

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