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1. "I know Berta likes milk better than tea." We can also say ...

2. X: Dad, how about eating out tonight?
Y: Well, I would prefer ... at home tonight rather than eat out.

3. To be healthy, I`d rather you ... everyday.

4. Cintya : Shall we go by bus ?
Dandy : Hmmm, I`d rather ...by train.

5. To know your work right now, Mrs. Helen would rather you ... it now.

6. Ronny plays the guitar everyday but rarely plays the piano. This sentence means that Ronny prefers ...

7. My brother would rather watch the football game than take part in it. It means my brother ...

8. For breakfast ,I prefer fried rice ... sate.

9. I think your suitcase is very heavy. You`d better...

10. Lidya prefers watching television to listening to the radio. This sentence means...

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