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Chelsea had to paddle past a school of jellyfish, ... a small sand shark in the nose, and ... seaweed from her surfboard before she reached her favourite point break.


... , hissing snakes, and squealing rodents fill the aquariums in Desmond's basement.


Class with Dr. Rogers was a nightmare: the clock ... stuck in place, the air conditioner ... inadequate cool, and a fluorescent bulb buzzed overhead.


Neither the scowls from her neighbours nor the ... of her husband will deter Larissa from painting her house hot pink with orange and white trim


Larissa will either add a flock of plastic pink flamingos, or ... a family of ceramic gnomes for the front lawn.


The bears have become more active, ... , and angry than before


The astronauts on this mission expect to dock with the space station, ... a space walk, and repair the Hubbel telescope.


The Dean demanded thorough research, complete ..., and a well-written report.


Why Leila Lopes chosen as Miss Universe 2011? Because she has three things (brain, beauty, behaviour)


The baby is so cute, ... and smart. I agree if the juries choose her as the winner.

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