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a like bases which cause litmus to turn blue, acids cause litmus to turn red.


Until the project completed, the effects of the new measures will not be known, especially in rural areas.


Only a little early scientists, among them Bacon, Copernicus, and Bruno, believed that the principles underlying the physical world could be discovered and understood through careful observation and analysis.


Cholesterol help the body by making hormones and building cell walls, but too much cholesterol can cause heart problems.


Accountants are always busiest on April because both federal and state taxes are due on the fifteenth.


Hummingbirds are the only birds capable to fly backward as well as forward, up, and down.


Neon is often used in airplane beacons because neon beacons are very visible that they can be seen even through dense fog.


In the 1840s, hundreds of families pioneer moved west in their covered wagons.


The United States has a younger population as most other major industrial countries.


When an university formulates new regulations, it must relay its decision to the students and faculty.

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