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In my community its various organisms are linked in a complicated web of relationships. There are usually in balance with one another. If the natural web is disturbed, the results may be disastrous. As a rule, the various populations of organisms tend to adjust to seasonal and other changes, and the whole community stays in balance. Most disturbances come from man's activities.
In an undisturbed forest, white-tailed deer feed on plants of various kinds. Wolves and mountain lions prey on the deer. When deer are numerous, their enemies become numerous too, because them is so much to feed upon. The deer and their enemies stay in balance with one another.
Then man enters the scene. He looks on animals such as wolves and mountain lions as harmful. He kills as many as possible. When the animals that feed on deer are killed, the deer multiply, without check. Soon the large deer population has eaten nearly all the plants available for food. Then the deer begin to starve.
Another example of man's interference with natural communities is the use of chemical insecticides. Grass in the sprayed areas may be eaten by cows. As a result, the milk of some cows has been found to contain too much DDT. The insecticides are also collected in the tissues of birds that eat the sprayed insects. Some of the affected birds lay eggs that do not hatch. The number of birds therefore decreases, cutting down the food supply of other animals.
Whether intended or not, almost every change that man has made in natural webs of life has turned out to be a disaster for the communities involved. Man, of course, is part of the world's livingcommunity. Everything he does affects all the rest of it, just as my change in the community or climate around him affects his own well-being. Thus, by changing natural communities, man may arm himself.

What is the text about ....


The forest is disturbed because of ....


The following statements are TRUE according m the text, EXCEPT ....


The deer and their enemies stay in balance with one another.
Their refers to ....


Why the man kills animals? because ....


The number of bird decrease because ....


Reading 2 
One of the most effective justice sector institutions In Indonesia is the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), established in December 2002. The KPK demonstrates what can be achieved when the different functions of investigation and prosecution are coordinated. Moreover, it works with a specialized anti-corruption court, with appeals to an anti-corruption chamber in the Supreme Court. Both the court and the chamber are dominated by a majority of ad hoc judges whose reputation for honestly is well known.
However, in December 2006, the Constitutional Court struck down the law creating the anti-corruption court on the grounds that it was not created as part of the Law on the Courts. The Constitutional Court Gave Parliament three years to amend the law and properly constitute the anti-corruption court under the Law on the Courts, but allowed the anti-corruption courts to continue to function in the meantime. The Parliament set itself a deadline of March 2009 to pass the new law. This was then extended to September. Many legislators have been arrested by the KPK and convicted in the anti-corruption court, leading some to question if the Parliament lacks motivations to pass this new law.
The KPK consistently gets convictions in corruption cases, showing what can be done with clean courts, professional investigation, and effective prosecutors. But this kind of successful cooperation is certainly an exception. Their
consistent convictions raise the bar for the police, the attorney general’s office, and the courts. Indonesia needs coordinated, bold leadership if it is o get out of the corruption quagmire. Better coordination between police and prosecutors is essential. They should have both the technology and the legal means to obtain wire taps and recordings the way the KPK does to obtain convictions in corruption cases.

The word "this" refers to ....


The paragraph following the passage likely discusses about ....


The word "bold" can easily be replaced by ....


According to the passage, what is NOT the element needed to create a clean governmet?

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