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I ... (try) to find a job at the moment. It is very difficult.


I am tired this morning. I ... (not/sleep) very well last night.


The team ... along the river when they accidently found a big cave.


Dewi : What was your sister doing when you arrived home last night?
Tono : She ... in the kitchen.


"What a beautiful voice. She is a talented singers."
"She ... since she was a child."


Acah : When will your sister finish her study?
Anto : I hope she ... by July next year.


'I have been waiting to go around the world?'
The above sentence means the speaker ....


X : Can I have your report on the last week's study tour to Lampung?
Y: I'm still working on it. But I ... it by the time you're back from the meeting.


Mr. Dedet leaves Surabaya for Medan by GIA 707 at 9 a.m. he ... there.


'I didn't meet Steve when I visited him yesterday.'
'Oh, he ... for Singapore to see his parents.'

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